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C H A R L I E   J O N E S

Charlie Jones Pool Player Pensacola FL Gulfwebs.comHi, my name is Charlie Jones. I have been playing pool off and on since I was 13. It seems like every year I play more and more. I own several cues, have my own pool table and even started a web site about my Las Vegas trips to play in the BCA 8-Ball Championships. It is located at

Pool is a great game. I'm not saying everyone should play pool, but I do believe everyone should have a hobby that they love as much as I love pool. Striving to improve in some activity teaches great life lessons. About yourself and about others.

I started this site to remind myself on the days that I have played bad, that there were days before and there will be days after, that I play great. Playing well comes down to the basics. Knowing a four rail bank is not nearly as useful as remembering to chalk up. Jumping the cue is a nice skill to possess but having consistent cue ball control is far more important.

Explore this site to learn about my journey into the game of pool.